"King of Pop" by Ardillio Anderson

"King of Pop" by Ardillio Anderson

Colored pencil and marker on paper | 2019 | 18" x 24"



Ardillio Anderson (b. 1983, also known as Hector Jones) has cultivated a praxis of methodical, portrait-based artwork. He studies the nuances of facial expressions and presents them to the viewer with empathy and vulnerability. The resulting works are easily relatable yet powerful.

“I’m just trying to make it look as realistic as possible but have my own little twist. I put my own style to it. It’s time consuming but it’s fun.”

His style is rooted in low contrast graphite drawings punctuated with colored pencil and ink, though his most recent works have evolved to incorporate an increased measure of saturated colors. For Anderson, art making functions as a reprieve from the stresses of every day life.

Anderson practices at Arts of Life in Chicago. He has exhibited at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Chazen Museum of Art in Wisconsin and the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago.

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    Email: info@sagestudioatx.com
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