"Maruko's Child's Smile Peach Cake" by Yukari Sakura

"Maruko's Child's Smile Peach Cake" by Yukari Sakura

Acrylic on particle board | 2019 | 20" x 24"



Yukari Sakura is a book of wisdom when it comes to her favorite subjects. Ask her about what she likes, and she will go into great detail about the given topic. Animated and expressive, Sakura's artwork is an accurate representation of her personality.

“I have been drawing since I was 3 years old," Sakura says. "I draw things that I like. I make stories with the things I draw." Gathering inspiration from mythological tales, animated films, video games, heroes, daily life, and historical events, Sakura works primarily with watercolor, colored pencils, and paint.

Sakura works at Creativity Explored in San Francisco.





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    Email: info@sagestudioatx.com
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