Ink on paper framed with natural wood | 21" x 15" framed | 1993


Please note that work will ship after the close of the exhibition on 11/5.



Hector Alonzo Benavides (1952–2002) was born in Laredo, Texas; the youngest of three children, and grew up on a farm in Hebbronville. His father passed away in 1970 and he then moved with his mother back to Laredo. Hector studied to be an optician and worked for the Catholic Diocese radio station. He always seemed to thrive being with his mother and creating his signature drawings.  The beauty and intricacy of his drawings evoke geometry, religion, nature, and his Mexican culture background. Hector worked with ballpoint pens and a straight edge, filling a page until his mother stopped him from going through the paper. Although his mother passed away in 1995, he continued to dedicate most pieces to her. Hector claimed to be the "the most obsessive man you'll ever meet." Hector continued working on his drawings until his passing in 2002, with his final series being red, blue, and white only. He worked at least nine to ten hours a day on a single drawing until its completion, with his largest pieces taking up to six months.


"Untitled" by Hector Alonzo Benavides