Ink on paper framed with natural wood| 21 x 18" framed | 1970s


Please note that work will ship after the close of the exhibition on 11/5.



Tom Burleson (1914–1997) born in Waxahachie, Texas, where his grandfather was a successful farmer. His father owned a grocery store and dabbled in real estate until he lost everything in the 1929 depression. The family later moved back to the Dallas area where Tom revisited his love for minor league baseball and his position of third baseman. Baseball and his stint in the Navy were both disrupted by his temper and this led to years of various jobs and cities. In the 1970s he began to draw using colored pencils and inks. His drawings featured fantastical inventions, many with humor and
mechanical mechanisms. He drew while working at Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth and at home in his recliner station, smoking cigarettes and watching the news and History Channel. Upon retirement, he slipped into near isolation working every day, withdrawing into his world of imaginative inventions.

"Untitled" by Tom Burleson