Colored pencil on paper | Framed with white frame |  19" x 27" | 2017


Please note that work will ship after the close of the exhibition on 9/17.


Antonio Benjamin (1981–2019) is known for his cheeky nudes that can be read as exploring intersections of race, gender, and identity. In the studio, Benjamin gravitated toward colored pencil, acrylic, and ink. His workspace required an array of colors for creating his iconic groups of flavored nude people. Benjamin’s nude cat-people confront conceptions of race, gender and how bodies are perceived as human. Benjamin once remarked, "My work is about a group of people. Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla people. They all think different. The chocolate people, they are really Black, but I just call them chocolate." Benjamin practiced out of Creativity Explored in San Francisco.


"Vanilla Men and Vanilla Women MilkShack Color" by Antonio Benjamin