Dedicated to connecting contemporary artists with disabilities to Texas’ broader arts community, SAGE Studio is proud to present its first virtual exhibition featuring work from 18 artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities from across the world. While the art ranges in style and medium, the pieces are all connected by the central theme of home. The exhibition will launch on September 15th at 10 AM and will run through October 31st.

This year, nearly every person has experienced some degree of shift in the way we live our lives and how we relate to the idea of home. For some, home is a place of comfort. For others, it is more complicated. The concept of isolation is one that has become ubiquitous over the course of the passing months, but for people with disabilities already at higher risk of being compartmentalized and contained, this pandemic hit differently.

HOME MAKERS features work that was created at home during the quarantine, when so many artists had to quickly shift their practices, alongside home-themed pieces that were made prior to the pandemic but resonate in new ways when looking at them through our current lens. For many artists with disabilities that work out of progressive studios across the world, those spaces have become a home of sorts over the years. Beyond providing artists with materials and technical support, the community of people is invaluable. HOME MAKERS examines what happens when those artists have to pivot suddenly to working solo or remotely; how does it reflect in their work? Other pieces in the show feature depictions of home that the artist created years ago; how do we see this work now after months spent at home?

SAGE is thrilled to partner with other progressive studios from around the world—including Creativity Explored in San Francisco, Pure Vision Arts and YAI Arts in New York City, Tierra Del Sol in Los Angeles, Debajo del Sombrero in Madrid, and Project Onward in Chicago—to showcase these incredible artists.


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