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Acrylic on paper | 17" x 14" | Date unknown



Ike E. Morgan (b. 1958) has always enjoyed painting portraits. His earliest known paintings from his high school days were historic portraits and he painted George Washington from the dollar bill when he was in the Austin State Hospital, where he resided from age 17 through age 41. Ike works in series based upon the materials he has on hand and what is in his mind. His work can be created with a wide range of materials. He loves acrylics, ink, oils, pastels, canvas, paper, and cardboard. He is always up to mixing it up. He lives on his own and paints just about every day, still enamored with historic portraits and occasionally adding in pop culture figures from his youth, birds, or animals. Morgan's work is included in numerous private and public collections and has been shown in exhibitions across the country.



"Bird" by Ike Morgan

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