8.5" x 11" drawing on paper


Please note that drawings may have smudge marks, creases, small tears, and other artistic imperfections.



Woodley White (b. 1983) creates artwork that shows a keen eye for detail and a passion for his subject matter. It is not uncommon for Woodley to draw the same subject hundreds of times across all media and on various surfaces. Each aspect of Woodley’s work is deeply considered, from the placement on the page to the intense line quality. The repetitive nature of his work conveys Woodley’s passion for his subject matter and the focus of his observation. His favorite subjects are bottles, shirts, whistles, transit, patterns, and architecture. He has shown his work throughout Philadelphia, including exhibitions at AIRspace, InLiquid exhibition space, High5, and Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ. Bottle, Shirt, Whistle is Woodley's first solo show.

Multicolored Whistle Pack by Woodley White