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Tufted carpet by Sarah Malekzadeh | 19" x 25"


Inspired by Rick Fleming's hand-painted wood cutout of a bucket of KFC fried chicken, Malekzadeh created this tufted carpet. The collaboration was born from Malekzadeh and Fleming's shared love of pop culture objects from their childhoods. Fast food iconography makes appearances in both of their bodies of work, making this a natural collaboration.


About the Artists:

Sarah Malekzadeh is a painter and textile artist in Queens, New York. Her work often draws inspiration from the Iranian and American crafts and patterns she grew up with in her multicultural home in Ontario, as well as nature and her closest relationships.


Rick Fleming  lives and works in Austin, Texas. An accomplished portrait artist, drummer, and former bodybuilder, Fleming is equally adept in drawing and painting. With his signature humor and standout line work, he uses images and text to capture the essence of his subjects.


Sarah Malekzadeh x Rick Fleming KFC Carpet Collaboration

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