A Collaborative Group Show
August 7
August 29, 2021
Photo Credit_ Chelsea Francis
About the Exhibition

TANDEM is a collaborative group exhibition featuring the work of eleven pairs of Texas artists with and without disabilities, matched based on shared themes, interests, imagery, and mediums. The goal of the show is to create an egalitarian art environment where each participant can be celebrated for their work. In preparation for the show, several of the artist pairs were able to meet and share their creative practice. In the spirit of the collaboration, SAGE is proud to partner with Martha’s Contemporary for the exhibition.


Featured Artists

Rick Fleming    
Jackson Sutton
Sam Eiler
Charlie French
Gav Sears
Anna Burke
Emily Dodson
David Sulak
Ike Morgan
Ethan Walton
Zachary Robey

Will Johnson
Will Gaynor
Mike Combs
Will Bryant
Jessica Fontenot
Hallie Brewer
Payton McGowen
Heather Sundquist Hall
Tim Kerr

Daniel Wang

Alexis Mabry

The Rock by Rick Fleming
Will Johnson.jpg
Flower Bed with Flowers and Animals by Emily Dodson
Emily Dodson.jpg
Television by David Sulak
Payton McGowen_Mood Ring.jpg
Payton McGowen.jpg
Heather Sundquist Hall.jpg
Will Gaynor.jpg