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The Nostalgia Show

February 2 – March 16, 2021

The Nostalgia Show will transport you back in time with work that conjures memories of decades pastfrom the 1950s through Y2K with a whole lot of '80s and '90sby seventeen artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities from across the country. We are thrilled to partner with other progressive studios from around the countryCreativity Explored in San Francisco, Creative Growth in Oakland, Arts of Life in Chicago, Make Studio in Baltimore, Spindleworks in Brunswick, and ECF Art Centers in Los Angelesto showcase these incredible artists.

Ardillio Anderson (Arts of Life)      
Thomas Birdsong (ECF Art Centers)
Terri Bowden (Creative Growth)
Anthony Coleman
Sam Eiler (SAGE Studio)
Rick Fleming (SAGE Studio)
Bayaht Ham
Tony Labate (Make Studio)
John Martin (Creative Growth)


Louis Middleton (Make Studio)
Aurie Ramirez (Creative Growth)
Yukari Sakura (Creativity Explored)
Gary Schmedes (Make Studio)
Michael Vita (Make Studio)
Kelly Weingart (Spindleworks)
Jennifer Williams
Alice Wong (Creative Growth)

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