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A Collaboration with Webb Gallery

about the exhibition

"Truckload of Art is a Texas-themed exhibit in a broad sense of the state, featuring artists from Texas and art inspired by Texas. Texas is huge, so an art definition of Texas can be just as large as the state. We chose artwork which fit the theme from SAGE Studio's great stable of artists and paired it with 5 Webb Gallery artists who all spent their lives working in Texas. The stars at night and during the day are big and bright in Texas."
–Julie Webb, Guest Curator

about webb gallery

Webb Gallery is the love child of Julie & Bruce Webb. It was born from the love of handmade and the naïve drive to create in 1987. As the Webbs traveled setting up at antique shows across the country, they started meeting folk artists across the South. The early 1980s & 1990s brought folk art showing up on album covers, books, and many museum exhibits where the Webbs met artists, calculated adventures, documented artists, and collected artwork. Webb Gallery continues the charge of exhibiting what moves them, while keeping the esthetics of the drive to create and the narratives of real life. Webb Gallery is housed in a 1902 downtown building in Waxahachie and the Webbs are currently working on a second location of an old Masonic building in Fort Davis, Texas.

featured artists

Hector Alonzo Benavides (Laredo, TX)
Montrel Beverly (Austin, TX)
Tom Burleson (Waxahachie, TX)
Yesenia Duran (Austin, TX)
Rick Fleming (Austin, TX)
Mark Cole Greene (Waxahachie, TX)
Helen Burkhart Mayfield (Austin, TX)
Ike E. Morgan (Austin, TX)
David Sulak (Louise, TX)

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