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EMMA YOUNG (b. 2004) is an Austin-based artist who focuses on abstract line drawings inspired by Cubism and geometry. Her call to creativity began during a middle-school history exam. During the test, she began drawing on her desk with pencil. "I did it to help me remember the answers," Young says. "It didn’t work—but that’s when I became inspired to be an artist." Today, she works strictly with pen,  but her canvases range from paper to wood to drum skins. While she hopes to bring joy to others through her pieces, much of what she does is in honor of her late father, who always encouraged her in her work. "I have no clue why this started, but now I can’t stop," she says.

"I make abstract and cubist art to bring people joy. My focus is to become an artist, which—good news—I already am."


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