King Nobuyoshi Godwin

King Nobuyoshi Godwin (b. 1991) lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina. Godwin began painting in 2013. When he paints, Godwin—who has a form of synesthesia—uses a complex and meaningful system of colors and numbers to express his feelings, filling his canvas until every inch is covered with numbers. On his art, Godwin says, "I have autism. I speak a little. I paint because it is my job and it feels good. I like to paint what I care about and what I love. I like to paint animals and leaves because they are my friends. They speak to me, they feel me, they are sweet. . . I paint sweet love. I believe that all of my loves to be together. That is a very good thing. I want to be a part of it too. I connect with them in my own way. I put colors and numbers to speak my mind. That is a wonderful thing." You can view more of Godwin's work here.

Selected Exhibitions


The Artist Is Having a Good Day, SAGE Studio, Austin, TX


HOME MAKERS, SAGE Studio, Virtual Exhibition