Gav Sears

Gav Sears (b. 1996) is a pen artist from San Marcos, Texas. He has the unique ability to distill complex, often architectural subjects down to their essence. In his drawings, Gav uses clean black lines, a signature he first developed at the age of eight when an art therapist began working with him to develop his communication skills. When he was seventeen, Gav drew his first building, the San Marcos Courthouse, and “Gav Art” was born. Gav has been a gallery artist  since March 2019 and a studio artist since February 2020.

Back Porch by Gav Sears


"Foods of the Midwest"

"Foods of the Southeast"

"Foods of the Pacific Northwest"

"Foods of the Southwest"

"Deep Eddy Pool"

_Graffiti Wall_

Selected Exhibitions


HOME MAKERS, SAGE Studio, Virtual Exhibition


Road Trip through Texas, SAGE Studio, Austin, TX

All You Can Eat, SAGE Studio, Austin, TX

Seen & Heard, SAGE Studio, Austin, TX

Commission by Gav Sears



916 Springdale Road FT-2
Austin, TX 78702
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